Expression in English

When we do a writing, we usually use some general lazy expression (for ex. a good student, a slow computer …). It should be avoid and could be replaced by an interesting corresponding one. These are following some substitutions:

1. Good -> Rewarding or Satisfying

2. Slow -> Retard

3. Many -> Several (Not sure)

Informal writing: a simple verb with a preposition (for ex. to look into, to look after) is the least formal choice and is commonly used in informal spoken language notes, emails and postcards.

Formal writing: words borrowed into English from other languages, especially Latin and Greek, are quite formal, or high register. These words are used in technical, scientific, medical, psychological and philosophical writings.

  • Many words ending in -ion are borrowed from Latin (such as: discussion, examination, explanation, information, instruction, investigation, presentation)

+ Distinguish ei/ie

Write I before E

Except after C

Or when sounded like AY

As in Neighbour and Weigh



1. Study English Book


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