[Conference] EMSS – European Modeling and Simulation Symposium

The European Modeling and Simulation Symposium is one of the most important Simulation Appointment in Europe. As tradition the conference focuses on Modeling & Simulation in Industry taking into consideration both applications and theoretical approaches. This event is the ideal framework for setting up European Community and International Projects and it could be used as a framework for hosting project review meeting and project exploitation. The audience includes both users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to industry, business and services. The International Program Committee will accept two types of camera-ready papers: extended paper (10 pages, 2 columns); regular paper (6 pages, 2 columns)

Conference Topics

Topics of interest are included in the following areas, nevertheless different topics concerning Modeling & Simulation are welcome.

–       Modeling & Simulation In Industry and in Industrial Engineering

–       Effective Design by Modeling & Simulation

–       Modeling & Simulation in Business, Economy, Finance and Commerce

–       Modeling & Simulation Methodologies, Techniques and Applications

–       Discrete and Combined Simulation

–       Industrial Processes Modeling & Simulation

–       Industrial Engineering

–       Agent Directed Simulation

–       Petri Nets based Modelling & Simulation

–       Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

–       Workshop on Cloud Manufacturing

–       Simulation Optimization Approaches in industry, services and logistics processes

–       Human-centred and Human-focused Modelling and Simulation

–       Workshop on Soft Computing and Modelling & Simulation

–       Workshop on Cloud Computing

–       Simulation Approaches in Logistics Systems

–       Modelling and Simulation in and for Education

Journal Special:

  1. Modeling and Applied Simulation for the 3rd Millennium: Enhancements in traditional Approaches and moving towards Simulation as Service (Cải tiến những cách tiếp cận truyền thống Hướng đến mô phỏng như là một dịch vụ)”, International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing
  2. New Advances in Simulation and Process Modeling: integrating new Technologies and Methodologies to enlarge Simulation Capabilities (Tích hợp những công nghệ và phương pháp mới để mở rộng khả năng của mô phỏng)”, International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing
  3. New Insights into the Application of Simulation Modeling Multidisciplinary domains including Industry, Logistics, Defense, Healthcare, Energy and Environment (Ứng dụng mô phỏng trong đa ngành như công nghiệp, hậu cần, phòng vệ, sức khỏe, năng lượng và môi trường)”, Journal Of Simulation
  4. Agent Directed Simulation”, International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing
  5. Supporting Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Processes through Innovative Simulation Models and Advanced Computing”, International Journal of Service and Computing-Oriented Manufacturing

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